About The Academy and Its Founder


Welcome, my name is Claire and I founded the Goddess Enchantments Holistic and Spiritual Academy. I knew when I started Goddess Enchantments in 2006 that teaching was going to be a large part of my soul path/contract for this lifetime. I am a magickal practitioner with 25 years of experience as well as being fully qualified and insured in many holistic modalities including being a trained Crystal Therapist, Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher.

I believe we never stop learning and am constantly advancing my own studies and path! I have qualified in Crystal Healing and Advanced Crystal Healing numerous times over along with many other therapies, studying with well known and respected teachers. Each with their own approach and something new to bring to my path. 

Spiritual learning has become increasingly commercial with hundreds in a course, PDF based courses, and a focus on numbers. I wanted to teach in small groups, where every person could interact with me daily during the course if they would like, as well as being able to make connections with like minded people in a safe space. Teaching is my passion and i am blessed to be invited to be a part of peoples spiritual growth and healing.

I live with my husband, two cats and two rabbits (as well as a squirrel family that live in our Eucalyptus tree, the Nutley family). When I am not teaching you will find me elbow deep in essential oils making ritual perfumes, soaps, incenses, writing ritual and more. Crystals, herbs, oils, ritual, kitchen and green witchery are part of our every day lives here in the GE household. Our house plants are surrounded by crystals, our cats have their own crystals as we strive to live in alignment with our soul purpose and gifts. 


My style of online teaching is very different to many others who have hundreds of people in their classes with a lack of personal connection. Each of my classes has limited spaces and are kept to small groups of students.

Each course has its own secret Facebook group and password protected online classroom with a mix of recorded classes lasting about two hours each and live and interactive Zoom meet ups for Q7As and deeper dives. There are also numerous live Q&A threads in the Facebook group, every question is answered by me and many often get a live response during a group zoom call. I get to know all my students and no one is left behind as i am in the group daily for the duration of the course. I currently teach 5 Live Courses per year.

My students create a close bond based on trust thanks to the small classes. This allows us to go deeper in our learning and spiritual practice especially with courses such as energy management and shadow work, often with students making long term friends. You have one to one connection with me for the entirety of the course and classes are designed to bring fun and a relaxed atmosphere to the learning process.



  • Daily Interaction With Myself For Duration Of The Course
  • Online Classroom
  • Permanent Access To Course Materials and Classes
  • Recorded Classes
  • Live Zoom Meetings
  • Bonus Videos
  • Bonus Audios
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Q & A
  • PDFs
  • Interactive Homework and Projects
  • Book Of Shadows Pages
  • Worksheets
  • 10% Discount at Goddess Enchantments Online Store
  • Loyalty Program - Complete all 5 courses and receive a free intuitive crystal at the end of the year worth a min of £60, discount codes and reserved spaces on future courses.
  • Early Enrolment On Future Classes
  • Permanent Access To Entire Course 



  • You will not find 10 huge pages to scroll down through, each page trying to convince you why you need to sign up now! We do not use this kind of new age spiritual marketing. I believe if you have found me you have done so for a reason and you are perfectly intune to know if i am right for you as a teacher without trickery!!
  • You will never find hundreds of people in my live courses!!
  • You will not receive 5 emails a week from me trying to get you to sign up for my courses!! No spam here! We send out a newsletter at most once a month or when courses open.
  • No masses of PDF's on screen or me reading them as the class itself while they are on screen (a real annoyance of mine). Our classes are interactive and fun!


I offer several of my courses (originally taught live) as a self study option due to many requests from members of my online community.

With the full-length self-study courses you will receive full access to the online classroom for life with the entire course for you to do at your own pace and in your own time. The one off mini classes are a single class on something specific and you will receive the link to the class and any worksheets included via email (individual details are on their own listings).

Whether you simply prefer self-study or missed out on a place when the course was live our self-study option allows complete flexibility.


“Claire’s teaching style is fun, informative and down to earth!

Even though the sessions are online, I felt I was being listened to.

The Facebook groups are very supportive and I feel very safe in the environment Claire has created.

There is no such thing as a silly question – if I don’t ask it, somebody else will!”

“Meeting and working with your Guides online interactive course:
I found the interactive YouTube sessions just like the evening classes I attend, except I’m typing in the question instead of putting my hand up!

"After experiencing the insight and discernment of Claire’s teachings for over a year, I can finally say I’m finding myself on a spiritual path where I feel most comfortable. It’s a wonderful journey so far!
Claire’s knowledge is vast - covering aspects from working with crystals, learning how to communicate with your guides, as well as delving into shadow work. Even my numerous and most obscure questions are quickly answered by Claire, and always accompanied with a thorough explanation. My understanding of the many facets of spirituality has increased dramatically in the past few months, helping me navigate a positive path on my journey.
Classes are comfortably paced. Teaching time is well balanced, with a wealth of information given in a relaxed and unpretentious environment. And the accompanying kits contain the most amazing, bewitching tools one could only dream about!
With Claire’s guidance, understanding and expertise, I’ve been able to integrate a lot of my scattered wisps of information from the past into a cohesive whole.
There’s always more to learn, and I certainly look forward to experiencing many more Goddess Enchantment’s teachings in the future.
I encourage anyone considering expanding their spiritual enlightenment to participate in Claire’s classes.
I have loved them all!"

"Goddess Enchantments Courses

I've been lucky enough to have had the chance to take part in all the Goddess Enchantments courses since last November (2018). It had only been a few months since I started on my spiritual path.

The past year of courses have been amazing, my intro course was "Energy Management" in my opinion it must have been the most perfect intro course. As it helps you prep for what's to come. Many people may want to start with other course like "Meeting & Working with the Guides" or "Manifestation & Rituals" but I feel like Energy Management is very important base for successfully integrating the other courses in your life.

Each courses is full of amzing information and the way Claire teaches is easy to take in. I mean she even taught us how to take notes properly this way we will not struggle later when looking back at out notes trying to figure out in which class she taught us about "x" Having a small group in class ensures all our questions get answered by Claire. She's very interactive in the course FB groups.

The energy in the course groups is great! Sharing can seem scary at first for some of us shy/quiet people but once we open up and share the energy just increases and we learn more as more questions are asked. Where else do we get to show off what we are learning with people who are on the same path as us and get excited about the things we do?

The courses I took this year were "Energy Management," "Manifestation & Ritual," "Crystal Workshop," "Meet & Work with Your Guides," & "Shadow Work". Each course is so unique its impossible to choose a favorite. As a whole it has been a fabulous learning experience with the Goddess Enchantments Courses. Plan to continue my learning with Goddess Enchantments in the coming year.
Blessings - Ana 11/6/2019"